Quinoa Broccoli Omlette 

I tried something new today. 
2 tbsp quinoa (boiled)

1 Egg

1 tbsp of finely chopped onion, broccoli, capsicum, cabbage each.

Salt and pepper chilli as per taste

Mix all and pour it on non stick pan. Make it like regular omlette. Add grated cheddar cheese and flip side. Cook on each side for atleast 1 minute.

Tadaaa its ready. Cooking time less than 5 minutes.


Make your own varieties of Detox Green tea

I read a lot about Detox tea that  people are buying, for many reasons like weight loss, faster metabolism, digestion, energy gain etc. 

I am also very fond of detox teas but I have never bought them because I prepare at home.

I don’t say not buy them but do you know there are so many different varieties of detox tea you can prepare yourself and feel great.

You can achieve what you are looking for around detoxification, weight loss, metabolism, bloating issues etc.

I would love to share my recipes with you. I usually drink green tea 3-4 times a day with a mix of different spices and veggies or fruits. I suggest :

– Take first cup (slightly hot) when you wake up to flush out toxins from your body. 

– Second cup you can drink 30-60minutes after your breakfast 

– Third in evening around 5-6pm

– Fourth is bed time tea before or after your dinner

I have felt great results with this. You not only end up drinking more water but also consume natural elements to boost metabolism and energy.

There are multiple ways you can create your own detox tea at home. I suggest drink it hot, slowly.

Some options:

1.  Plain green tea with water (no sugar or milk)

2. Green tea + hot water + cumin seeds 

3. Green tea + hot water + carom/ajwain seeds ( this one is my fave)

4. Green tea + hot water + small tsp lime juice + honey 

5. Green tea+ cold water + mint leaves + 2 cucumber slices – add honey if you want 

6. Green tea + cinnamon + hot water + Fennel seeds + cumin seeds + carom/ajwain seeds

7. Lemon Ginger Green tea with hot / cold water

8. Apple + lemon + green tea in cold water (kept in fridge overnight)

9. Orange + green tea + cold water ( keep it in refrigerator for few hours)

10. Carrot diced pieces + cucumber pieces + lime slices + green tea with cold water kept overnight in refrigerator 

These are some on top of my mind.
You can have different variety of green tea in same day and not get bored.
Practice this at home for 14 days and then continue again.
Good luck!

Healthy & Yummy Gaucamole

I used to love eating Gaucamole at restaurants but I always wanted to make my own Gaucamole.

Yesterday I bought two ripe avacados from Harris Teeter. They are a bit expensive but that’s okay if you are spending on healthy food and you love to try out new stuff.

I know there are plenty of recipes available on YouTube which are cool.

Mine looked like the one in image.

TRUST ME it was amazingly yummy.

I felt so great and accomplished after this recipe success. 
It was very easy and overwhelming.

Sharing my recipe :


2 Ripe Avacados

1/2 Lime

1/2 Tomato

1/2 Onion

1/2 Green Chilli

Some Cilantro if you want ( I did without it and it was cool)

1-2 pinch Salt
Thats all you need.

Okay now start preparing.

1. Cut Half onion very finely and put it in hot water for 5minutes

2. Cut avacados in to 2 portions and scoop out the pulp . If its ripe it will easily come out with spoon. Put it in a bowl and throw the seed and covering.

3. Cut Tomatoes very finely after removing its watery pulp.

4. Cut chillis finely as per your taste

5. Take out half cup lime juice

6. Mix lime juice with avacado first and try to make it smooth with fork or spoon. Then add tomatoes, chilli, onions. Mix it well.

7. Add salt to taste

I saw this link on YouTube. http://youtu.be/tHVzFLtvbGQ

Try it out.

And Its READY to eat.

You can eat it with chips, bread, salad, rice etc.

Welcoming myself ..

It was long awaited .. I mean really long awaited. Since ages I wanted to create a wordpress account and write anything that I like.. just anything.

I never wanted to write in categories because my thoughts and experiences are all eccentric or erractic blah blah..
I can now write and share about my experiences about anything which might or might not help anyone.. I will write about movies .. i will write about restaurants and the food i liked or hated.. and i dont know what else..

This blog in itself is erractic. 😉

So I welcome myself to wordpress world .